Museum Passes

Reserving a Pass


Bring your library card! You must have your card with you at the library when picking up reserved passes.

Use the following links to check the availability and reserve a pass online.

Reserve Your Pass and Check availability.

Museum of Science

Reserve a pass in the Taunton Public Library system for the date you plan to visit the Museum.  Your email confirmation from the library serves as your pass but you must call the Museum to reserve a timed ticket once you have the confirmation from the Library
1.     Call the Museum of Science at 617-723-2500 (daily, 9am – 5pm) to reserve your timed tickets.  Up to 4 people are admitted at a 50% discount off of Exhibit Hall admission prices only with each pass and Children under 3 are always free but must have a timed ticket
2.     Please call at least 1-2 days ahead of time to reserve your time otherwise the Museum might be fully booked. Your pass can only be used on the date printed on the pass. You will need to provide the name of the library and library number (printed on your reservation) plus the date of your pass. 
3.     After you make your reservation, the Museum will send you an email confirmation with your reservation time.  Please bring both your library pass confirmation and your email confirmation from the Museum when you visit.
4.     Show both confirmations at the gate to enter.  You do not need to stop at the Box Office.

If you are not able to show your Library confirmation on a phone:
1.     Please request a paper copy of your confirmation at the library.
2.     Follow steps 1-3 above to reserve your timed ticket and request to pick up your tickets at the Box Office when you arrive.  Please write down your ticket confirmation number and bring that and your library confirmation with you to the Museum.
3.     Go to the Box Office and provide your name, name of the library and timed ticket confirmation number.  The Box Office will give you tickets.  Proceed to the gate with your tickets. 

Reservation Policies

  • One pass per day, per family may be reserved.
  • To reserve a pass you must be a patron 18 years or older with a valid library card in good standing.
  • Blocked cards will be unable to check out reserved passes until the problem is rectified. The status of a card can be checked by accessing your user account here.
  • You must be a resident of one of the eligible communities.
  • No bookings or detailed information will be given over the phone.
  • Co-pay prices are subject to change by individual museums without warning.
  • Library staff makes every effort to be sure the passes are available when reserved. However we are not responsible for passes not returned on time by other patrons.

Pick Up

If you need to cancel your reservation please call promptly so that others may use the pass.

Reserved passes not picked up by 11:00 A.M. will be automatically canceled.


Paper Coupon Passes do not have to be returned.
All other passes must be returned by 9:00 A.M. the next day.
Passes can NOT be returned in the book drop. If the library is closed passes may be slipped between the front main doors.

Late Fees

Failure to return your pass by 9:00 a.m. – $5.00 fine

Passes returned after 9:30 a.m. – $10.00 fine
Total fines for passes returned more than one day late will not exceed $15.00.
Passes put in the book drop will result in an automatic fine of $5.00.
If you return the passes late three times, you will lose the right to borrow museum passes.
Refusal to pay any fines will result in the automatic loss of museum pass privileges.

Lost Fees

$50.00 payable to the Friends of the Taunton Public Library. Refusal to pay this fine will result in automatic loss of museum pass privileges.

Eligible Communities

Available to Massachusetts residents living in the former Bridgewater subregion communities of:

East Bridgewater
North Attleboro
South Attleboro
West Bridgewater