Hotspot Lending Policy

Hotspot Lending Policy
A mobile hotspot is a small device that you can use to connect a smart device, such as a laptop,
smartphone, or tablet, to the internet for free! Hotspots are portable and allow you to connect to
your device anywhere that is covered by the T-Mobile network. These hotspots have unlimited 4G
LTE data and will allow you to have internet access on up to 10 devices at a time. (Note: Speeds may
be reduced after reaching more than 30gbs of data usage.) No installation is required, just set up the
hotspot following the instructions provided and connect to it from your own devices.
With internet access provided by a hotspot, you can easily browse the library’s digital resources,
download e-books, work on homework or class projects, apply for jobs, and much more. These
devices can be checked out from the library in the same way you would check out a book.
Who can check out a hotspot?
To checkout a device you must be at least 18 years of age and be a SAILS Library Network
cardholder in good standing. Only one hotspot checkout is allowed per household. Before checkout,
borrowers must sign a copy of the library’s Hotspot Agreement stating that they agree to the
responsibilities of borrowing a hotspot. Devices must be checked out in Taunton, and can not be
sent to or returned to other libraries.
Where can I check out a Hotspot? Where should it be returned?
Currently, devices must be checked out and returned at the Reference Desk on the second floor of
the library. Devices should never be placed in the book drop as this may cause damage to the
How long can I borrow the hotspot?
Hotspots can be checked out for one month. Should the device not be returned after this time, your
account will be charged a late fee of $1.00 a day and service to the hotspot will be deactivated,
making the device unusable. You can not borrow the device for more than 1 months at a time, and
must wait 30 days before borrowing again. Please allow for the next patron to have a chance to
borrow the hotspot.
No holds or renewals are permitted. You can check if a hotspot is available prior to visiting the
library by going to the library’s website and searching for “Mobile Hotspot” through the SAILS
catalog. Librarians will hold the hotspot for you for the remainder of the day if you call to check
availability of the hotspots.
What do I do if there are technical problems?
Visit T-Mobile’s support page (for the Acatel Hotspot, or the T9 Hotspot) for more information,
tutorials, and instructions on how to use these devices.

If you experience any operating problems with the hotspot, please review the manual provided with
the device. If there is a connectivity issue, please refer to T-Mobile’s coverage map to ensure you are
in an area with adequate coverage to use the device. If the problem persists, you should return your
hotspot to the library immediately so that any larger issues can be addressed.

We are available for limited assistance at the Reference Desk (508 821 1410, ext. #1730), but cannot
resolve any issues with the patron’s own equipment. Any technical problems encountered with
devices other than the mobile hotspot (e.g. tablets, laptops, cell phones) are the responsibility of the
patron. The library is not responsible for any loss of data or information the user might encounter
through their own personal devices.
What fees or replacement costs might I face if I damage or fail to return the hotspot?
The fee for returning a hotspot late is $1.00 a day. If the device or its accessories are lost, stolen,
broken, damaged, or otherwise not returned, you will be charged additional replacement fees and
could be barred from borrowing future materials until the amount is paid or forgiven.
Damage of devices is not limited to broken materials, but can also include water damage or smoke
damage. Please do not eat, drink, or smoke around devices and be courteous to the patron who may
borrow it next.
The Library reserves the right to refuse this service to patrons who abuse equipment or who are
repeatedly late in returning electronic devices.
Missing Parts Replacement Costs:
● Hotspot device: $100.00
● Charging cable or charging block: $5.00
● Hotspot case: $15.00
● If all components of the mobile hotspot kit are not returned or are found to be damaged
beyond repair, you will be charged a $115.00 replacement fee.