3d Printing

The Taunton Public Library owns one Ender 3 Pro for our patrons’ projects. Workshops covering components of digital design are periodically held in the Reference Department for adults and teens grades 7+.

The TPL uses Tinkercad, a free, web-based computer-aided design platform created by Autodesk.

  • Tinkercad accounts can be created for children and adults, but if the user is under 13 years of age, tinkercad requires a credit card to be attached to the account. They will not charge the credit card; this is to comply with child internet safety legislation.
  • New users are shown short video tutorials and given tasks to complete to acquaint themselves with the application.

For more fun 3D printing projects developed by staff, visit the TPL’s Reference department.

3D printing classes are scheduled by the Reference department. For class times and to check availability, email tpl3dprints@gmail.com.

The machine is regularly available for patron print jobs outside of these workshops. Patrons may send their projects to the Reference Department for printing at any time, following the guidelines listed below.  We use PLA-plus filament only.

  1. Once you have completed your design in Tinkercad, or downloaded your project from an outside source, export or download the file and save in .STL format. If you do not wish to build a file, but would like to find one that is already available, you may use websites such as thingiverse, Etsy, or cgtrader. Downloading files off the internet always poses a hazard, always check files for any viruses and/or malware before downloading. The TPL is not responsible for any harm done to any computer from a downloaded file. 
  2. Deliver the file to the library via USB flash drive or email the file to tpl3dprints@gmail.com
  3. Let us know what color you would like the design to be printed in, and a second-choice color. Get a list of current available colors by emailing  tpl3dprints@gmail.com
  4. 3D prints are completely free, however each patron is limited to one print per week.
  5. Library staff will try to have the design printed within two (2) weeks.

Please note that patrons are not permitted to operate the 3D Printers under any circumstances. If you would like to observe the print as it goes, you may make arrangements with the Reference staff to do so. 

The Library will not print inappropriate or dangerous objects. Please read the Library’s policy on 3D Printing before sending files to print.