Imagine Your Story Week 1: Magical Creatures

Lego Challenge
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Lego Challenge. Make your favorite magical creature out of LEGOs. Need LEGOs? Contact us in Youth Services and we'll arrange for you to pick up some. 508 821 1410.
image of unicorn face made of paper plates

Magical Creatures-Unicorn Facemask
Step one: place all materials in front of you:
· 1 Paper plate
· Two round pink paper circles
· Two flowers
· Unicorn horn
· 1 half of a paper plate with lines drawn on it for ears
· Two inner pink ears
· Two heart jewels
· 1 Popsicle Stick
· Glue
· Scissors
· Paint-optional

Step two: Start with cutting out with scissors the gold foam on the line drawn on the back of it. Peal off the paper to reveal the adhesive on the back of glitter gold foam on to place on paper plate. Next, cut out the half paper plate on drawn lines for two ears. Glue the pink inner ears on the paper plate ears together. Then, glue the two ears on the unicorn. Place the two pink round paper circles with glue underneath eye lashes for cheeks. Place the two flowers with glue in between each ear below the unicorn horn. Place the two heart jewels one above one at each cheek in corner of eye lashes. Lastly, glue the popsicle stick to the bottom of the paper plate. Now once all pieces dry you should have a unicorn mask.

Optional-(Paint your paper plate pink, light purple, or sky blue)

image of colorful dragon masks

Dragon Facemask
Step one: Place all materials in front of you
· 1 Paper plate
· 1 Foam piece with two eyes cut out of it for the base of the Dragon face
· 2 Black glitter foam pieces cut into Dragon ears
· 1 Foam piece cut into a long Dragon nose
· 2 Tissue pieces for wings
· 1 Foam piece cut into Dragon hair
· 2 Foam pieces for fire
· 1 Popsicle Stick
· Glue

Step Two:  Start with the paper plate bowl upside down. Take the Dragon Face that has two eyes cut out of it and peel the paper off to reveal the adhesive. Then, stick it to the flat surface of the paper bowl. Next, take what looks like the long Dragon nose and peel the paper off of the back of it and press it against the other foam on the bowl in between the two eyes. Then, peel off the paper of the two ears and place one on each side. Next, peel the paper off the hair and place it slightly over the bottoms of the ears above the eyes. Then, glue the tissue to each of the sides of the foam of the Dragon face or the paper plate. Now, you can add in the lines and nasal pieces on the nose. Once your Dragon is complete you have the option of gluing the  Popsicle to the bottom of it to hold your mask up to your face.